Going for a Treasure Hunt

Quote from the Playbook:

“There will be enough information to claim the Treasure from within the first two weeks of the hunt (although it will be extremely difficult). As the Hunt progresses, more and more clues will become available.”

Are the two weeks still accurate? There was enough information to solve it (yes yes, extremely difficult)?

Good info Thomas. I recall reading the same thing as well.

Hi guys. Yes, this is correct (although due to multisig issues which affected minting the NFT and prize weren’t actually available until last week - sorry about that).

I don’t want to comment too much on the big prize, for fairness reasons, but I will say that while that line is technically correct, it’s really the whole of Season 1 (these first four weeks) that I consider to be the first “real” chance of solving the puzzle for people who aren’t geniuses or psychic :smile:

Thanks for the conformation!

Psychic. lol. thanks!