Governance Process Proposals: START HERE

This sub-category is dedicated to narrow proposals about the proposed governance processes which would apply to the HOPR Community Trust on its establishment.

These proposals would only come into effect if the primary proposal to establish the Community Trust passes.

For proposals where a parameter needs to be set, the HOPR Association has already calculated a recommended value. The goal of this discussion phase will be to establish the appetite for different options here. A temperature poll will be created for EACH parameter and the two most popular choices will be put to the vote, in addition to the HOPR-recommended value.

Some proposals, e.g., those related to emergency processes, are yet to be set. There will be a week of discussion first to gauge community sentiment.

There is a lot of information here, so my recommendation for engaging with this is:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the primary proposal
  2. Read the proposed process overview
  3. Read my design philosophies post, which explains the thinking behind the proposals and the recommended settings.
  4. Go through the proposals one by one

If you have comments about a specific parameter, please add them to the relevant thread. More general comments about the design as a whole should be kept to a separate thread.