Governance v0.8 Schedule

Our eighth governance experiment ran through all of August 2023 and is now concluded. Thanks to everyone who participated!

This will be the final experiment before HOPR governance evolves to the next level. In fact, this evolution will be the topic of the discussion and vote.

This is an important milestone for the HOPR community with much to decide upon. We’ve had feedback that some of these previous votes have felt too rushed: therefore, this will be an longer discussion period than usual.

We will have our usual Twitter Space with the HOPR team as well as a community call on Discord.

The full schedule is as follows:

Thursday 10th Aug: Primary Community Trust proposal announced. Discussion Phase begins.
Monday 14th Aug: Secondary Community Trust proposals added. Twitter Space with team
Thursday 17th Aug: Governance Platform proposals added.
Monday 21st Aug: Community call on Discord
Thursday 31st Aug: Vote phase begins
Monday 4th Sep: Vote phase ends