HOP 6: Istanbul (48.0 N, 29.0 E) [SOLVED!]

2 steps: fill 13l, transfer to 6, 7ls are left

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  • Filling the 13L jug with water
  • Transferring water from the 13L jug to another
  • Emptying the 6L jug

It seems there’s a mistake in your task…

3 steps ------------------

2 step ar necasery
1: filling the 13 L
2: transfer to the 6L

6 steps…

Lets redo this :smiley:

3 Steps:
1- Full fill the 13L jug
2- Transfer 6 L water from 13L jug to 6L jug
3- Empty the 6L jug

7L water will remain in 13L jug

4 steps: fill the bottle and then fill another bottle help to the big one

3 steps are required

Awh just few second slower :frowning:

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1 step … fill the large tank with 7 liters only :joy:

2 steps are required

Nah. Fair is fair. I screwed up. Originally was planning for a gruesome three jug problem here, but chickened out at the last minute and temporarily forgot how numbers work :rofl:


Of course 2 steps :)))))

Before realizing the answer and posting it I got cognitive dissonance for like 10 seconds :sweat_smile:

only 2 steps is needed

2 steps is needed for this

haha, its okay ! you are giving us pretty challenging problems, its just one. :D

I think so you are right because in their rules said " * Emptying a jug" so it if it is not emptying it means 6 litre is in one jug and 7 litre is another jug

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