HOP 7: Zurich (47.4 N, 8.5 E) [SOLVED!]

You arrive in Zurich, and something feels different. For the first time, this feels like you’re in exactly the right place. But… where is everyone? Busy with the LBP launch, you guess.

The HOPR offices are deserted, but surely you can find a clue to the eleventh destination here?

After a brief snoop, what you actually find is two lists.

The first is numbered:

  1. Brother of Abel (4)
  2. Removes the pelt from (5)
  3. Position or viewpoint (6)
  4. Took charge (3)
  5. Make fun of (5)
  6. Freshwater fish (4)
  7. Windshield cleaners (6)
  8. Amazing (5)
  9. Satellite scrambler (

The second is not:

US Comedian Doug
Westworld actor
Polish composer
Place to buy Earl Grey?
One who buys there?
Chess piece
Big Mac rivals?
Wished for
Drive-in waiter

A note attached to both says “Find the hops, mix, then remove the difference to get a medical hero”

You know HOPR has partners in medtech, but this feels like something a bit different…



:no_mouth:v This is not easy

the answer is probably Robert Koch

I even dont understand what is the question mean?

DR Gray

Louis Pasteur for the Germ Theory!

Bauherrenstrasse, 34 :grinning: :grinning:

Polish :innocent: :innocent: :roll_eyes:

Sedimentum AG

Probably the answer is “2”.

Sedimentum yes noaaaaaaaaaa

This is certainly the hardest puzzle!

Very nice of you to consider our lovely partners, but it’s not Sedimentum

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haha lol
:D :D :D :D

John Snow ) or Sigmund Freud

It’s a surgeon probably

i guess :smiley:
Dr. Sebastian Bürgel


answer: asclepius

… Dr Doug Ross