HOPR + AUS Government Health Record integration

Hey guys,

So a few years ago Australia made the step to have all Australian’s medical records put into a large online data centre. Citizens could opt out if they felt it may jeopardise their privacy. The system is called “My Health Record” and this made life a lot easier in regards to not needing to explain yourself to every new doctor you meet, about what is wrong with you or what your medical history is.

The issue upon release was the lack of faith in the government’s ability keep it all secure. Many Australians have opted out of the great tool due to not having faith in the government’s security.

The solution to this would be to integrate HOPR into the security protocol and give piece of mind to the entire country.

Nice idea, we have the same system here in the UK and is very useful especially since COVID to show if you have been fully vaccinated. We probably have the same issue over here, so could be rolled out for a lot of countries TBH.

Whilst I can understand the carrot of ‘making things easier’, I generally find myself doing the opposite to try to retain my privacy (like having a de-googled android phone).

The UK government did the health database mainly so that they could sell it on to the corporations.

The less hopr is involved with corrupt governments, the happier I’ll be.

Thanks for the idea. For this to be a valid proposal, I’d like to see more information about how this is a metadata privacy rather than a standard trust issue. If the issue is that the government cannot be trusted with these medical data, then sending them there via HOPR won’t help. But perhaps there’s another angle to this?

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Thanks for the advice @thewanderingeditor.

I’ll have a look what I can do later this afternoon.