HOPR/DAI on BAL V2 for gas efficiency + BAL rewards


  • Balancer v2 liquidity pools provide significant gas efficiency
  • Customizable HOPR/DAI ratio on Balancer can provide more ‘bullish’ LP (less IL on exposure to DAI)
  • Default BAL LP mining rewards provide less need for HOPR for liquidity mining
  • recommending 75%:25% HOPR:DAI balancer v2 pool (see below)


Balancer V2 frontend launched this last week (May 11), and it brings significant improvements to gas efficiency[1] and potential MEV-resistance.

Balancer has a default LP mining program that will migrate to V2 pools. There is a new ‘BALLERS committee’ that we would need to petition for tiered BAL reward class for a HOPR/DAI pool [3]. I’m thinking we would classify pretty easily at tier 3 ‘T3.’ Does anyone have strong ties to Balancer or the Balancer discord?

Proposing here a 75:25 HOPR/DAI pool … HOPR is already whitelisted for liquidity mining [4] with a cap of eligible liquidity to total value of up to $1 million (‘cap1’)

My reasoning for 75:25 is that due to a weighting factor against any non-50:50 pools [5], the resulting weight for BAL LP mining rewards for 75:25 is 75% of total liquidity versus 80:20 only gives 64% of total liquidity, so that extra 0.05 ratio gives a good bang for it’s buck

Useful reading/citations

Breaking links below since they are disabled in the forum :confounded:

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  2. cowswap.exchange/#/swap
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Action Items

  • come to a consensus on HOPR/DAI weighting (please read citation [5] and comment below)
  • petition BALLERS committee for BAL LP mining rewards