Welcome to HOPR DAO v0.1!

After the success of the Genesis DAO, we’re moving towards a governance system which will eventually let HOPR become a full-fledged DAO. You can read more about the aims behind this here.

The topic for this first experiment is:

How should the funds in the Uniswap DAI-HOPR pool, which were placed there by the Genesis DAO after the HOPR launch, be distributed among decentralized exchanges?

The experiment will proceed in three stages:

1. Discussion

Discuss the topic in the dedicated Discussion category and create proposals to address it. Moderators will assess the proposals for validity, moving valid proposals to the Proposal category. Use the “Like” function to show support for a proposal. Proposals which receive likes from at least 3% of active users will move to the Referendum stage.

To filter/move between subcategories, use the dropdown menus in the forum navigation bar.

2. Referendum

Proposal making will be frozen, and proposals with <3% support will be deleted. Users will be asked which of the remaining proposals they support. You can support multiple proposals.

At the end of the referendum stage, all proposals with >20% support will move to the vote stage. If this is fewer than three proposals, the three proposals with the highest support will advance.

3. Vote

The winning proposals will be moved to a Snapshot page and all HOPR token holders will be able to vote for their preferred option. The winning proposal will be enacted.

This is a long and complex project, and we’re taking it in stages. The first stage will consist of several governance experiments: discrete periods where we’ll ask the community to make proposals on one or a handful of topics crucial to the development of HOPR and/or the HOPR token. We expect these to run roughly monthly for the foreseeable future.

In running these experiments, we’re trying to find a balance between efficiency, effectiveness, security, privacy and representation. This is complex, and we expect to make major changes with each round.



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excellent. Ready for it to start.

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:nerd_face: let’s start :face_with_monocle:


SO besides Gas-Fees what else could be important to decide which DEX should be chosen?

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1inch is now one of the main dexs. Also they offer exclusive farming for projects which can give some luqiudity for double rewards farming (1inch+hopr). Double farming events have very solid apy (have to add liq into 1inch+hopr or eth+hopr pools) and it’s a kind of marketing move cause 1inch community is very big and farming events are very popular.
also they backed by binance labs too.


Hey guys. These are great thoughts. Please make them as new discussion threads.

Discussion will take place in the dedicated Discussion subcategory: Discussions - HOPR Community Forum

To filter/move between subcategories, use the dropdown menus in the forum navigation bar.

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I have noticed HOPR has a partnership with ELROND Network.

Elrond Network will launch MAIAR EXCHANGE DEX this month, and it would be an INCREDIBLE acheivement to make HOPR available on Maiar Exchange (MEX).


Please make proposals as new discussion threads.