HOPR DAO v0.3 Discussion Phase: Proposal Guide

The discussion phase has begun! It runs from 2pm CET March 10th to 12pm CET on March 16th.

The goal of the discussion phase is to produce proposals which address the current governance topic. This time round, the topic is:

What dApps, tools, and/or services would you like to see built on top of the HOPR protocol?

Proposals need to be assessed as valid in order to proceed to the referendum and vote phases. We’ll get deeper into validity further down this guide, but the most important test is that the proposal actually addresses the topic.

Creating a proposal

To create a proposal, first make a post outlining your idea. Good proposals have a clear title and description. Provide details about how your idea helps / work with HOPR.

In general, broader ideas should provide persuasive details about how they support metadata privacy and the HOPR ecosystem. More specific ideas should provide technical details about how they would be built on top of HOPR (or integrate with / support HOPR in the case of tooling).

Once you’ve made your post, work with other forum members to expand and refine it. The goal of the discussion period is to refine ideas, not just gather support.


By default, the creator of a post will be treated as the sole author of the proposal. If you’d like to assign multiple authorship (e.g., because you’re collaborating directly with another forum member, or because you’d like to acknowledge input and feedback given after poster), please leave a note at the bottom of your proposal.

Making your proposal official

Once you’re happy with the proposal you can an ask a moderator to assess its validity. To do this, edit the title of your post to include [PROPOSAL]. A moderator will then check the post and assess its validity.

Note that to encourage more thoughtful proposal making, proposals will not be moderated for validity within the first 24hrs of the discussion phase.

Validity status

After moderation, a proposal will be tagged with one of three validity statuses:

  • Valid - The proposal meets all the validity requirements, and can move forward to the referendum phase.
  • Invalid - The proposal is invalid and is unlikely to be able to be made valid. This is usually because a proposal fails to address the topic. For this experiment, it could also be that the tech team has determined that the idea cannot be built on HOPR.
  • Incomplete - The proposal is not currently valid, but with refinement it could be. The moderator will provide suggestions for what you could change to make the proposal valid.
  • Pending The moderator is confirming with the tech team on the technical feasibility of the proposal.

IMPORTANT: Please don’t try to tag posts yourself. It disrupts the data plugins and can affect your rewards.

Further steps

If your proposal is marked as invalid, it’s unlikely to be worth editing it. We’d encourage you to think about why the proposal was invalid and make a new one.

If your proposal is marked as incomplete, think about the feedback from the moderator and make adjustments to try and address their points. When you’re happy with the updates, tag the moderator and they will recheck it.

If you proposal is marked as valid, then that means it’s fine to proceed to the next stage. So technically there’s nothing more you need to do. However, it’s still worth seeking feedback and making improvements. Can you make it more detailed, more persuasive? The stronger your proposal, the more likely it is to convince people in the referendum and voting stages.

That’s all for now! We’ll be posting a separate guide to validity requirements for this topic soon.

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