HOPR DAO v0.4 Discussion Phase

Welcome to the HOPR DAO v0.4 Discussion Phase. This post will explain the goals of this phase, how it differs from previous HOPR governance discussions, and why we’ve decided on this approach.

The discussion phase will run from Tuesday 5th July at 5pm CEST to Friday 8th July at 2pm CEST


The goal of this discussion phase is to discuss potential improvements to four draft proposals from the HOPR Association. Each proposal addresses the following topic:

** Which of the following proposals to redistribute the DAO’s liquidity should be adopted? **

The proposals are not mutually exclusive – it will be possible for the DAO to execute all, none, or any combination of them.

When suggesting modifications to the proposals, it’s important that this feature should be preserved. For example, the total proposed TVL to be moved will not be allowed to exceed 50% of the total TVL currently controlled by the DAO.

Unlike previous discussion phases, we’re NOT particularly looking for new proposals. If you want to make a reasoned argument for an additional proposal, we support that, but there’s no guarantee that this would be allowed to proceed to a vote. There are no additional rewards for making proposals (in fact, badly argued proposals are more likely to be judged as spam).

Suggestions to move liquidity to a different DEX or a different chain will be treated as new proposals, not modifications to the current ones.

We’re currently in direct contact with some of the relevant teams here (e.g., Swapr, Sushi, Gnosis Chain). If we hear more from them throughout the discussion phase we’ll update you here.