Welcome to the fourth HOPR DAO Experiment!

There are currently four draft proposals on the following topic:

Which of the following proposals to redistribute the DAO’s liquidity should be adopted?

This fourth experiment will consist of a discussion and vote phase. The goal of the discussion phase is to get feedback on the draft proposals and produce finalized versions. There will then be a vote for all HOPR token holders on our Snapshot space. Voting power will be calculated quadratically.


Discussion Phase: Tuesday 5th July 5pm CEST - Friday 8th July 2pm CEST
Vote Phase: Friday 8th July 5pm CEST - Sunday 10th July 5pm CEST

There will be a three-hour pause between the two phases to allow for the proposals to be finalized.


Since we’re not running the full DAO process we won’t be employing our standard DAO incentive scheme, which relies on a series of data plugins tailored to the three-phase process on our forum. Instead, we’ll be issuing NFTs for participation across the two phases.

NFTs will be issued according to the following system:

  • Bronze: For anyone who participates in the vote phase
  • Silver: For anyone who participates in the discussion phase only
  • Gold: For anyone who participates in both phases
  • Diamond: For the top 5 contributors to the discussion phase, as determined by the forum moderators