HOPR DAO v0.5 Proposals

The posts in this tag are the four official proposals for the fifth HOPR DAO experiment.

During the referendum phase, please signal your support for a proposal by clicking the like (heart) button.

You can support as many proposals as you like. Support for a proposal means you think its deserves to proceed to the vote phase. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you would vote for it yourself.

Proposals which receive support from at least 20% of active participants will proceed to the vote phase.

During the vote phase, you will also have the opportunity to vote on the parameters under which the winning proposal will be implemented. This will include amount of assets to be managed, asset split between the two projects, and length of trial period (if any). Results of these secondary votes would be applied contingent on the result of the primary vote. (For example, the vote to determine the split between the two projects would only be applied if the main proposal favoured both projects being chosen.)

The referendum phase runs from 2pm CET on Tuesday 15th November to 2pm CET on Wednesday 16th November.