HOPR Hunt Update and Bonus Reward

Hi everyone! Thanks to everyone who’s been playing in the hunt. Things have been a bit slow here for a couple of reasons:

  • There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes with other areas of HOPR which are sadly more important than my puzzles (a new round of investment, the DAO, developing new cool things which need to stay secret for a few more weeks)

  • I’ve obviously gauged the difficulty wrong: I made a lot of story progress contingent on completing earlier puzzles / finding secrets, and people have obviously found it harder that I was expecting.

  • There’s been less discussion and collaboration than I was hoping, which has blocked some strands of the game from developing. I think partly this is because people are nervous of oversharing and giving other players an advantage. But also the forum is kind of a grim place to host something this fun. It’s hard to navigate and collaborate.

So I’ve taken a brief pause and done some retooling, including looking at some other projects which have higher engagement despite — if I do say so myself — having less fair puzzles.

When content restarts in the next week or so, things should be a lot more user friendly.

You may notice some changes to the text of some past chapters. This is just to streamline the story, make the hunt more accessible to newcomers and make certain parts of the grand prize puzzle clearer. Nothing about the solution has changed, and any progress you’ve made so far will still apply.

Previous puzzle NFT winners have been airdropped a bonus as a reward for your patience and participation. The amounts are a little strange, but definitely not another puzzle :wink: