Hopr mobile app

I think if there is a hopr mobile application it would be great. This app may be used for texting using hoper network so it will be super secure. Also may be used view account balance. It could be used as a wallet I mean. Sending or receiving hopr token. Having an application makes our project more solid in my opinion. Maybe even used for storage our phone data . It could be upgraded in time. But as I said , having an application makes our project more solid and it will be our advertising too. Ty for your time.


I support it! Wallet/messenger with privacy would be cool!

I would probably combine this with dao-proposal-fund-initiate-the-development-of-a-metadata-privacy-conserving-hopr-desktop-client-mobile-app-to-follow-later/3687 as it would make lot of sense to have a desktop and mobile approach to secure browsing or even interacting with applications

very good idea. I support this :slight_smile:

it would be great if you could detail the main goals you want to achieve with this app . because there are too many and vague descrpiton of the use cases in this proposal like messaging tool, app to hold tokens and store phone data

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Interesting :)

An app that has ‘our’ privacy preserving technology natively built in, is a great idea :+1:

See also my message here:

Yes, this is a good idea, mobile applications make up a large proportion of the population and HOPR is needed to protect data

Yes agreed, people are now used to have everything on their phones and a phone app would make engagement easier.

hopr should focus on own field.
Good idea, but I think it’s too early for now.

This was the idea I had in my mind also, end to end encryption using hopr blockchain as a backend. Decentralizes the server and all encrypted with the keys only belonging to the owner. This app could be bigger than Signal and be what exposes hopr to the masses who are not so tech literate.

nice idea.

Totally agree, but we need to consider what features should be supported.

Not bad idea

I agree on a mobile app and have hopr as security and it features personal wallet integration or metamask wallet connection, users will safely and securely use their assets in one app use of hopr.

I think the idea is interesting, but the functionality of the application is not very clear and what exactly it is needed for

Thanks for the suggestion, this would need a lot more information to be a valid proposal. If you’d like to expand it, please check out the validity requirements here.

Also, and maybe I’m misunderstanding here, but isn’t mobile metadata a whole extra level of difficulty, because you literally need the geolocation for the cell tower sending and receiving to work?

Of course, that’s not the only metadata that matters, but many of the most powerful use cases are built around location data.