HOPR NFT avatars

NFT avatars for users on the HOPR network.

Profile picture in the Hopr network. Procedurally generated ghost images. With different attributes and decor, including rare unique combinations.

Pixel art, possibly made in 3d, like a Minecraft

1000x1000 pixels square.


  • PFP trend
  • strengthening audience loyalty (possibly due to airdrop to early users and influencers)
  • expansion of the Hopr ecosystem
  • ghosts are cool!

give me NFT Avatar :innocent:

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Could we make the avatar so it appears when you are protected by hopr network?

It will be cool

give me test avatar please)

Thank you all for your support and attention to this initiative. Next week I will try to sketch the design that I have in my head)

Any ideas are welcome


It seems to me that the topic of nft is already beginning to become obsolete

Worth considering to use the buzz around nft to promote hopr to new people


If you think that the topic with NFT is outdated (although it is not even a couple of years old), then it turns out that its life cycle was like an insect. In this case, yes, it’s gone. However, if you see the potential in this technology, then perhaps it makes sense to implement it, since now is a great time!

  1. The first hap around NFT as a new phenomenon has subsided. I agree. We need useful functions and properties for NFT. This is their real future in my opinion. Just a picture, of course, no one needs. But if this is a pass to a private club (for example, Fiatworks from Coinlist or Lobster NFT from Lobster DAO), then this is a completely different story. And most importantly, it is an effective way of applying and motivating.

  2. Or another case. NFT giving an additional percentage to APY as currently implemented with in one well-known project (hello HOPR NFT :wink:). This has already shown its efficiency. People are interested in getting achievements and keeping them. Two points meet here

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This motivates long-term participation and creates value not only as a means of speculation, but also as a means of confirming your status. If I participated from the first test network, then in the public sale, then did not sell and participated in both programs, it would be great to see a reflection of this path in the profile avatar. There is no return to the past, and this is its value + this is the value that each new day adds to this past. And if you can clearly see it yourself and show it to others, then, in my opinion, it would be cool

Therefore, my proposal is directly related to the fact that the PFP is not just a picture on the blockchain, but should contain functionality. There are many options here, and we can discuss with you already existing concepts that are being implemented in other projects (or even come up with new ones).

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Thanks for the proposal @Pinkmole. I’m afraid this isn’t a valid proposal for DAO v0.3 because it only relates to the wider HOPR project, not the core HOPR protocol. Please check out the validity guidelines here for more information.


Thanks for the feedback. I have read the rules for submitting proposals and the scope of their focus. You’re right, I got the topic a little wrong! Sorry :innocent:

Tell me then, should I not develop my proposal about PFP? (For example, offer sketches and so on) Maybe I need to rename it? Or freeze it until a more appropriate time?

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No need to apologise :slight_smile:

We wouldn’t be able to consider this as part of the DAO experiment, but we encourage all community ideas and participation. If you want to develop your idea further, I’d suggest moving it to a different section of the forum so the community can continue to give feedback there?

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This is not exactly a dapp but an excellent idea. NFT avatars for all node runners and HOPR stakers!

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Yes of course! This week I would like to present a couple of sketches of how I see the design of these images. Also, perhaps other participants will be able to contribute their suggestions and ideas to this topic.

Will I need to do a theme transfer or can you do it?

I moved it to the community category. Feel free to move it to a different subcategory if you think it’s more suitable.

I think it fits) Thanks!