HOPR Proposal: AirDrop stake holders

I disagree. This is very simple and beneficial only for holders. I believe that this is not a rational use of funds. it is better to spend these funds on marketing.

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A completely irrational idea. This may not be beneficial for HOPR in the long run.

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In my opinion the funds should be used in a different way. People that already are holding, they have put their own funds on the line, and looking at what the price is doing, they did not make much money, at least for now. Myself I am underwater, but I believe in the technology, I own a node and I want to participate in decentralization side of privacy. We need a working product that can be implemented ASAP, since a lot of other projects are doing the same as HOPR. Let’s focus on spending the money on marketing, development, partnerships, hiring smart ppl, and giving good salaries to ones already on the team. If we own hoper tokens, the price will go up once the project takes off, and will be implemented.

I think that’s a short therm way of thinking. There are better options out there and can have a long therm impact.

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I think this is a bad idea, it will help the development of HOPR to a lesser extent.

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I strongly disagree, this would further build a selling pressure. Very bad for the project.

There are a few proposals requesting airdrops, and while I love free crypto as much as the next degen I feel its probably bad practice.

The moment people get their airdrop we’ll see a sharp drop in price as the majority will inevitability sell.

It seems the only reason for an airdrop would be to satisfy greed and I don’t think this project is about that.

There are 11,500 members in the English telegram group. If we were to airdrop the HOPR to them alone they would only receive 46 HOPR. This seems like a smaller return than if we invested in something that made the price go up or made the business grow.

Why block on one year though? I thought there is still hope staking is coming in Q1 2022🤔

Blocking for one year will not be a good idea. Already price of the token is dumping day by day, it will not help to grow the community. We can’t just success on technology hopr is providing. People who invest want it to grow in terms of price as well. Blocking for one year will distract future investors/token holders.

I disagree, Hopr needs a strong community, the airdrop is no longer relevant at the moment

good idea

It does not seem to be a good idea. What we need is to attract more people who do not hold Hopr tokens to join hopr, rather than blindly casting a ground-to-air vote to the existing holder.

like this

I agree

I’m surprised that so many users voted for this decision. I hope no one will take this proposal seriously, because you cannot build all marketing on distributions, albeit with a lock of tokens.

good idea

Echoing those above me, fun idea but it doesn’t articulate how this will further the project.

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