[HOPR] Proposal - Eggs can be in different baskets

In extremely volatile bear markets, we can consider more stable options. Is it possible to divide our funds into two parts and entrust them respectively, so that they can help us manage it at the same time?



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Good idea

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1st sentence for the stable options: Sure, why not. The asset managers will bake the trade cost into fees though and we’d need a compelling reason to advocate the act. Ask the representatives in their proposal threads if its something to consider along with term details.

2nd sentence: 2 Proposals already made with a large set of responses. See meme.


Of course, the more baskets, the more eggs you can save)

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It makes sense in this harsh bear market

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Thank you for your reply, what you said is very reasonable, but in an extremely unstable market environment (FTX has gone bankrupt), no institution can guarantee that it is completely fine, and we do not believe his guarantee. So I think it is very suitable to separate at least for now. Although it means paying a part of the fee, it is safer, isn’t it? When the market environment improves, we can choose to keep the better one.