Hopr proposal: Geocaching drops?

I was thinking about how the puzzles on the Hopr launch day were like a virtual treasure hunt around the world.

It could be possible to recreate this in a sort of physical Geocaching style of treasure hunt?

Either the keys to a treasure box of hopr is split into multiple locations around the world, which would require lots of people working in teams (trust issues?) or a single person with way too much time and a private jet. I guess trust problem could handled by key reveals in parts to a trusted person (hopr team?) or contract?

Or each location contains a little bit of Hopr on L2 for the finder.

There is a good deal of trust that is placed in people placing the geocaches (luckily crypto is full of altruistic people…).

This could be a fun game for schools and university clubs, or just for nerdy people that love treasure hunts!

You mean find a hard wallet?
That’s a bit limited, isn’t it?
Interesting, but would you do that in the current climate?

Not a hard wallet, either a portion of a seed phrase or a full private key to an address holding the prize. That is where the trust would be a touch critical if the people seeding the physical drops have the potential to go rogue…