Hopr Proposal: helping stranded holders on Ethereum

Just to get this out of the way, my Hopr tokens are not on mainnet, so I have no stake (ha ha) in this.

I wonder if there are small holders that are stuck on mainnet that might want to participate in the staking on xdai but find that bridging fees are too high?

Could there be a way to set up a 1:1 swap to xdai by sending a token transfer (cheaper than bridge) to the a mainnet address that is monitored and would send out the same amount to the same addresd on xdai?

I think Synthetix did something similar with helping users with getting eth for gas on Optimistic Ethereum.

It is definitely NOT decentralised, but there is little cost other than a small amount of dai for sending on xdai (could be recouped by smiling a little bit of hopr).

Anyway, just a thought, in case there are small holders that find themselves stuck or dreading the bridging fee?

I think that’s a great idea whether your a small holder or larger one, as the gas fees are a big barrier to wider adoption IMO. When it comes to swapping back out, we have to pay the fees again unless ETH2 has been unleashed which is supposed to resolve this issue, but thats still a little way off from release as i understand it.

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I figure that the large holders have their own resources and wouldn’t need help. Smaller holders would more likely be stranded or at least the bridging fee would be a significant enough portion of their holding worth to be a deterrent to moving to xdai.

Given its a relatively new project, new investors will limit their initial stake in the project, so lower fees will always help more onboarding if their interested in the project.