HOPR Proposal: Remove the complexity of the HOPR token

As i see it there are two main elements that we need to solve to increase HOPR adoption and awareness. Easy access to the HOPR token, and getting in front of the public to make them aware of this exciting project and the opportunity to easily assist in securing the network and earning rewards for their input.

When you look at the gaming sector and winning platforms like AXS, the game gives early adopters the ability to invest in the games infrastructure, then lend their teams out to let others earn a share of the spoils from playing the game.

So with regards to easy adoption / purchase of the HOPR token, currently the need to buy xDAI and swap it to HOPR tokens requires high gas transaction fees, and whilst the swapping to xHOPR and wxHOPR costs are minimal, I think the complexity is a barrier to newbies looking at the space / token.

We should remember that new investors in the Crypto space have enough to deal with learning about exchanges, onboarding fiat, 3rd party risks, hardware wallets and transacting, etc.

So my proposal would be to spend some of the accumulated funds to reduce the hoops you have to get through to buy an actual HOPR token and stake, etc. Please note that i am not a techy, so hope that this is a feasible option.

Secondly advertising on Brave browser, which pays people to review and advert, or similar browser (firefox, etc) would hopefully increase the general public visibility of HOPR and the good work the team are carrying out.

With regards to funding, i assume its time to make the changes rather than costs, and that other proposals should also be funded at the same time, so maybe 20-30% could be spent on advertising to increase the awareness of the network.


I would certainly be nice to streamline the process of purchasing Hopr. Iā€™m sure this could be achieved behind the scenes with a simplified UI hosted on the Hopr site. Or maybe a wallet that allows automated swapping of token types when withdrawn for purpose (staking, node running etc).

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In others we should use the funds for marketing ? No doubt it would help.

Hi HB, I think a mix would probably work best, but was fleshing out my thoughts based on a simple way to buy and use the tokens would provide the best chance of onboarding newbies. 1) So some funds for the simplifying of the token so less bridging, 2) other funds for marketing but on targeted mediums that are more open to people outside of the Crypto space. Being in the UK there are very few of us, and its not even talked about unless BTC has gone nuts, so would want to find way to get over this hurdle. 3) maybe some incentives for new investors in the staking pools or running a node(s) say additional 5% APR or some other clever marketing enticement.