HOPR Token Discussion category: READ THIS FIRST

Welcome to the HOPR DAO v0.2!

This is the general discussion category for the HOPR portion of this governance experiment. The topic is:

“How should the 485,355 HOPR tokens generated from the Balancer Liquidity Pool and the Uniswap v2 pool be used?”

This governance experiment will proceed very similarly to the v0.1 experiment, but the topic will be divided into two discussions and two votes, one for each currency (DAI and HOPR tokens).

Use this section of the forum to discuss how to spend the HOPR portion of the budget only.

IMPORTANT: We are not asking for community proposals in this part of the experiment. Instead, we’d like you to decide between 8 different proposals put forward by the HOPR Association. You can find these proposals here.

Feel free to comment directly on proposals or make new threads here to discuss the topic more generally. Members of the HOPR team will be in the forum regularly to contribute and reply. If necessary, the proposals will be updated and refined as a result of the discussion. The goal is to collaborate and create a strong set of proposals to put to vote.

It’s possible (but unlikely) that very good proposals will be added to the official list, and we’re certainly interested in all your ideas, but in general we expect that only the eight existing official proposals will be included in the vote.

The vote will run from October 19th - 21st.

During the vote, you’ll be asked to split your vote between your favourite proposals. Once the votes are counted, the top four proposals will be allocated a share of the budget, split 40/30/20/10.

IMPORTANT: These proposals have all been designed to use HOPR tokens as HOPR tokens. The goal is not simply to liquidate them or use them as a proxy for cash. There is a substantial DAI budget which could be used for that purpose, without creating downward price pressure on the HOPR token.

In addition, several of these proposals make most sense when combined with a similar DAI proposal. For example, attending a conference can be paid for in DAI, while running promotions at the conference can be funded with tokens. The HOPR Association encourages people to create DAI proposals which complement the HOPR token proposals. This has been indicated in the proposals themselves.