Поощерение покупки узла зерез токины Hopr

My suggestion is to add the possibility of buying an Avado node or in the future any other nodes through the purchase of Hopr tokens.
On the main page of Hopr, make a department for the sale of nodes through Hopr tokens.
For example, I want to buy an Avado node that costs $550.

  1. I buy Hopr tokens on the Hopr website in the amount of $ 275 at the moment it is about 1100 Hopr tokens and for this amount I reduce the cost of the Avado node itself.
  2. The more I buy Hopr tokens, the cheaper my node will cost. Let’s say I buy 100 Hopr tokens, the Avado price is no longer $ 550, but $535. I bought 500 Hopr tokens, the price of Avado is $ 475. I bought 1000 Hopr tokens the price of Avado is 300$ and so on, in the flesh to a free node, for example, if I buy 10000 Hopr tokens.
    a. all proportions act as an example and can be changed.
    b. all tokens purchased in this way must be locked up for at least a year. c. the quantity of such an amount of redeemable tokens can also vary depending on the value of the token itself at the time of purchase.