How to Play the HOPR Hunt

The HOPR Hunt is an ongoing puzzle event running from September 1st 2021. Play individual puzzles to learn about HOPR and cryptography, all while hunting for the grand prize!

The Puzzles

There are 40 puzzles in the HOPR Hunt, split between four different “storylines”. Each storyline is an ten-part story which will unfold over the length of the Hunt.

Every week, one or more puzzles will be uploaded to the forum, continuing the story in one or more storylines. The first person to find the answer to ALL of that week’s puzzles will win a gold-ranked Puzzle Solver NFT with a 4% APR boost. The next nine correct answers will win a bronze ranked Puzzle Solver NFT with a 1% APR boost.

Submitting an Answer

If you think you’ve solved that week’s puzzle(s), submit your answers in the submission thread. The thread will explain the format in which you need to give that week’s answer(s).

To discourage guessing, you can only submit one answer every two hours.

The first person to give the correct answer(s) will win the Gold NFT for the week. The next nine correct answers will win a Bronze NFT. Make sure to fill in your xDAI address in your profile so we know where to send the NFTs.

A new submission thread will be created each week. Threads will stay open until all prizes are awarded, so it’s possible that several threads will be open simultaneously.

The Treasure

In addition to the individual puzzles, the Hunt conceals a grand prize: 100,000 HOPR prize and a unique NFT which confers a 100% APR boost in the HOPR staking program!

To claim the prize, you must access the wallet containing the HOPR tokens and the NFT and transfer them to your own address. The method(s) for achieving this will be concealed in the weekly puzzles (and beyond). This does not necessarily involve the answers to the individual puzzles.

The first person to access the wallet and transfer the tokens and NFT will be the winner. Claiming the prize will constitute proof of solving the puzzle.

There will be enough information to claim the Treasure from within the first two weeks of the hunt (although it will be extremely difficult). As the Hunt progresses, more and more clues will become available.

The puzzles can all be solved through a combination of logic, intuition and being observant. Attempting to acquire an answer through deception or hacking will be unsuccessful (the answer is not stored on this forum or any HOPR Association servers) and may result in the Hunt being cancelled.

The Map Pieces

In addition to the Treasure, each volume has its own associated smaller prize. Like the Treasure, these prizes consist of HOPR tokens and a unique HOPR Boost NFTs. These Boost NFTs take the form of a corner of a map and confer an APR boost of between 10% and 50% in the HOPR staking program.

To claim a Map Piece, you once again need to access the wallet containing the prize. These wallets will be activated throughout the hunt, and it will be announced when enough information is available to claim one.

It is not necessary to claim any of the Map Pieces to claim the Treasure, although the method(s) used to claim the Map Pieces may help in understanding how to claim the Treasure.

Discussion and Teamwork

Only one person can win each prize, but teamwork and discussion are encouraged. A dedicated forum section is available for discussion. If a group of players working together would like to claim the Treasure or one of the Map Pieces as a team, get in touch and we can discuss how to facilitate a shared prize (or feel free to strike up an arrangement between team members).

Ending the Hunt

The Hunt will end once all the Map Pieces and the Treasure have been claimed, or a week after the final puzzle is published, if all NFTs have already been claimed.

Any prizes unclaimed on December 22nd 2024 will be returned to the HOPR Association for use in future promotions.

The Solution

Solutions to the individual puzzles will be confirmed as they are solved. Full explanations will be published the following week.

There are multiple ways to acquire the information needed to claim the Treasure and Map Piece NFTs and prizes: all the necessary information is freely available on the internet. You do not need to pay any money or sign up to any services, although it may be necessary to fund and run a HOPR node.

The full solution will be published after the final NFT has been claimed, or a week after the final puzzle is published, if all NFTs have already been claimed. If the Hunt closes with some prizes left unclaimed, the full solution will be published on December 29th 2024.

Good Luck!