Ideas Box Template and Creation Guide

Welcome to the Ideas Box! Please use this space to submit and discuss ideas for future bounties.

Bounty ideas should have the following format:

  • Title A clear, descriptive title
  • Job Story An explanation of why this idea is useful to HOPR. What problem does it solve? What benefit would it bring?
  • Detailed Description Describe the task that would make up this bounty
  • Definition of Done What would it look like for this bounty to be complete?

In general, ideas should encompass a single task (or a few closely related tasks) which can be clearly defined. If you can’t do this, your idea is probably too broad and should be broken down further.

Ideas which are well-written, detailed, persuasive and have received a lot of likes are more likely to be forwarded to the tech team by the forum moderators.

Ideas which have been discussed and refined by the community are more likely to be accepted.

If an idea from the idea box becomes a bounty, there is no guarantee that the creator will be assigned that bounty.