Instructions for DAO multisig: Governance v0.8 Proposal #11 (Lexicon funding)

As part of the eight HOPR governance experiment, the community supported the proposal to provide 50,000 DAI in funding for Lexicon, the new governance platform which will provide governance tooling within the HOPR ecosystem

20,000 DAI has already been provided from funds allocated in the second governance experiment. The remaining 30,000 will come from the main reserves controlled by the DAO multisig signers.

To complete the implementation of this proposal, the DAO multisig signers should take the following steps:

  1. On Ethereum mainnet, transfer 30,000 DAI from the HOPR community multisig (0x2D8E358487FeDa42629274CE041F98629Bf65cF3) to the Lexicon treasury multsig (0xDD2AC9A2E2762549b6E53A3e282c8D8c159Eee8a)