Instructions for DAO Multisig

As part of the sixth HOPR governance experiment, the community decided to match the HOPR Association’s commitment of 1m HOPR tokens to a bug bounty vault on the Hats platform
The vault has been created along with an overseeing committee. The first deposit has been made and the vault will be approved by Hats governance. The vault will be publicly viewable after that.

What follows are instructions for depositing to the vault.

  1. Check the balance of HOPR tokens in the multisig, if >1,000,000 move to step 3. Otherwise move to step 2.

  2. Cash in Uni v3 tokens from the liquidity pool at Uniswap Info to take the balance to 1,000,000 HOPR tokens

  3. Visit, click APP

  4. Connect the DAO multisig using wallet connect

  5. Find the HOPR bug bounty vault

  6. Select deposit and select 1,000,000 HOPR

  7. Approve the amount

  8. Sign the transaction

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