Is the NFT and Hopr token drop still active with Avado Purchase


So I recall a while back I bought an avado hopr i2 box and a avado standard i5 box to run nodes! I was super excited and also found out/realized that with BOTH avado units purchased I got 50 hopr tokens and a staking NFT with my i2 and 500 hopr tokens and a staking nft with my i5. The NFT staking tokens gave me a bump of 5% with the i2 unit and 1% with the i5 unit. So I am super greatfull for that!

My question though however… Is that still a thing thats going on? If I go and buy another hopr specific box… OR if I buy a fancy i7 from avado can I still claim a NFT of ownership that I can lock into my hopr staking to increase my APY…and will I also got airdropped some amount of hopr tokens?

I am just trying to factor in all potential income and asset I can earn from purchasing another unit to try an calculate my real cost vs benefit from my purchase.