Loosing stake NFT basicly

unfortunately I am missing to have a diamond stake NFT although I am Holding all my HOPRs from the TGE. it is already announced not to leave zero balance in wallets but I missed it. totally my fault, I accept it, I should be more careful about the project I am investing in.However in my view, losing the nft due to missing an announcement is not fair. my main point while staking in ascendex, was to support HOPR’s first CEX staking because I was aware that I would not earn something worth to do for few days before staking start date on HOPR. additionally the article about staking says “Like with our DAO vote, we want to make sure that using tokens to actively support the HOPR ecosystem doesn’t disqualify you from rewards.” my stake in ascendex is kinda support. so if possible, can the team pls evaluate deposits and withdraws to and from ascendex? if this is not easy give chance to people to receive diomand (or the level they deserve) if they prove that they only staked their HOPRs. I guess sending address will be the same as deposit address in Ascendex because everybody will send from dedicated hopr address.
If this is complicated and hard to track ascendex (cex) accounts, at least snapshot can be taken from the HOPR holding start date till the start date of ascendex stake date . there wont be any cons which will effect staking or project negatively .I am holding from the TGE. a person who holds that long is a holder. and losing a precious nft is not fair. maybe there are more like me but their not aware of it.
thanks in advance and regards to all team and readers.