Make errors of trx-mixers visible

I read about the DAO Hack from 2016 and they think to have found the Hacker. It was possible to track him down because he used this wasabi-mixer to make his actions untracable. This Mixing was now demixed and all the anonymity of mixer user is in danger with that.

I have no idea, if this fits here and it is just raw thought. What if hopr would deliver a solution to this anonymity problem and make this visible with a tool/dapp. maybe a former user of such a mixer could connect his wallet and he got showed some issues or even bether gets provided a solution to get full state of the art anonymity?


if its possible, I do not condone illegal actions like theft, however, if the privacy of a hacker can be compromised it most certainly can for the average user. Freedoms and privacy are the most important thing here so I would agree with the above

Thanks for the idea @airboj - making a more private connection between wallets and RPC providers is indeed something that we have been thinking about a lot. See e.g. our blogs on DERP here.

I suggest you also check out some other proposals who go in the direction of complementing on-chain privacy with HOPR’s transport-level privacy

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