Maximum split - 20% Uni, 30% Pancake, 20% Honey, 15% Pangolin, 15% Raydium

I think we don’t need too much chains,and need more liquidity on uniswap

it seems to me that there is no need to split liquidity so much across different dex.

Why we need liquidity on uniswap? My idea is to spread awareness through this as much as possible to different communities. Everyone on Eth already knows Hopr or just don’t care. We won’t get any positive influence on project by leaving liquidity on eth and missing huge market of alternative chains.
Same reply to Segamega

Good luck

Don not agree! If the current pool gets split to so many DEX there is gonna be no good liquidity on each of them.

Hi @Arti. Apologies for nudging you like this, but we’re getting close to the referendum deadline. If you’d like this to be accepted as a valid proposal, there are still a few things you’ll need to do:

i) Mark this as a proposal by adding Proposal to the title, or tagging a post containing the full proposal using the SOLUTION function.

ii) Specify the fee tier and price spread if you want to use Uni v3. See here for more details: Uni V3 Validity requirements

iii) Unfortunately we can’t support the Solana chain, for reasons explained here: Thursday Morning Update: Solana, Avalanche, Polygon validity news

I see. But i don’t know why you care so much about whales))) Even with equal split (20% each) we will get around 5 million usd liquidity on each pair (a little less now maybe) - more than enough


  1. Uni (Eth) Hopr/Dai 25% v3 unlimited price range, 0,3% fee tier
  2. Pancake (Bsc) Hopr/Bnb 20%
  3. Honey (Xdai) Hopr/Xdai 20%
  4. Pangolin (Avalanche) Hopr/Usdt 15%, if not possible - move same pair to Polygon Quickswap, if not possible - additionally 7,5% to Uni and Pancake pairs
  5. 20% left aside for strategic purposes:
    liquidity incentives/collaborations with dexes or future dex/cex listings - voted if current dexes have incentives pools like Pancake, or after 5 months - for new dexes, or if cex listing requires market-making payment. Currently can be left in some multisig wallet, if not possible than split equally between all exchanges

Proposal modified due to recent requirements.
Would like to mention due to liquidity concerns in community - pairs will have approximately 4.5-5.5, 3.5-4.5, 3.5-4.5, 2.5-3.5 millions usd respectively. More than enough, in my opinion. More discussions under original post

Hope that is fine now Maximum split - 20% Uni, 30% Pancake, 20% Honey, 15% Pangolin, 15% Raydium - #25 by Arti

Thanks @Arti. That looks fine now. I’ll add it to the list ASAP.

The proposal has been added to the list here: PROPOSAL #10: Maximum split - 25% Uni, 20% Pancake, 20% Honey, 15% Pangolin, 20% earmarked for later use - #2

I made some edits for clarity, including the title, and I resolved your point about leaving the 20% in the multisig, which isn’t in scope for this vote. Let me know if you see any issues, and I can change it.

Anyone who wants to support this post, please follow that link and sign it using the like (heart) button.

Seems fine, only wrong link to this thread

Oh sorry. Fixed. (The link on “here” was actually correct. No sure why the other one got added.)

I do not think that we need more than 3 exchanges, too little liquidity is obtained if you spread the tokens on 5 exchanges

Idk, 3-5 million usd on each is enough for me, personally. We have only 300-400 k daily volume on average on Uniswap. Also final proposal includes only 4 dexes . See above

Link to final proposal PROPOSAL #10: Maximum split - 25% Uni, 20% Pancake, 20% Honey, 15% Pangolin, 20% earmarked for later use - #2

nice results, when voting?

Referendum still open, where to see?

The referendum phase will start at 2pm, but practically speaking all that means is that proposal-making is locked and some low-ranked proposals will be removed. You can see the list of valid proposals here: Proposals - HOPR Community Forum

Support as many proposals as you think are worth voting on by clicking the like (heart) button underneath.

All proposals with support from at least 20% of the community will move to the token vote, where all HOPR token holders can vote. If fewer than 3 proposals reach 20% support, the top three will advance.