I have noticed HOPR has a partnership with ELROND Network.

Elrond Network will launch MAIAR EXCHANGE DEX this month, and it would be an INCREDIBLE acheivement to make HOPR available on Maiar Exchange (MEX).


The synergy on a strategic level definitely seems to be there. Their blog has some neat and detailed background information which is useful to know.

Sounds interesting in general. But since it hasn’t been released yet, it doesn’t meet the requirements for the current DAO - “Funds can only be redistributed to decentralized exchanges which are listed on Coingecko with an average 24h trade volume of at least $1m as of May 5th.” (HOPR DAO Experiment 1: DEX Liquidity Distribution | by Rik Krieger | HOPR | May, 2021 | Medium)

Also with some additional info here: Topic-specific Validity Rules

Hmm. Second topic and already this feels like an edge case. I’ll discuss with the team and get back to you. The space moves so fast that the CoinGecko stipulation might prove to be too strict. It was mostly designed to avoid completely obscure, possibly bogus exchanges.

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yes it woluld be good just add as many exchanges is good for user and price

I’m totally with you in this idea. Maiar exchange will be the fastest/cheapest DEX in the market. This would be the best even if we had to wait a few more weeks. But for me, basically ANY DEX would be fine which is not on Ethereum chain… the fees are ridiculous, it’s slow and I haven’t even used it since two of my transactions failed and I lost a lot of money (at least it is a lot to me for failed tx-es)… Many people cannot even use the liqudity pools because it’s more expensive to put in/take out money than the avarage person would risk.

I totally support this proposal. Everybody should benefit from Elrond fast, secure, highly scalable and low cost characteristics and even more considering the official partnership between HOPR and Elrond. Maiar Exchange will be launched in a few weeks, just in time!

We should not only stick to one dex. We should diversify so that the risk is mitigated in cases if a dex crashes or closes down.

However, I’m definitely for to experiment in new dexs/chains as in the future these new chains might be a game changer

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elrond chain is cheap,secure,fast and relaible they are going to introduce dex next week so better to go with them and listing in elrond dex so that hopr woll get good exposure one more with uniwap and eth we are suck with fees so if possible to make also bridge from eth to erd and so that we can trade almost zero feees on elrond network after all we are here for money

Good suggestion. ELROND is a cool project collaborating with HOPR. I would like this to be considered among other options. I think you should be with ELROND at the very beginning of the launch. Analytics cannot be built because the launch result is unknown. But for a start, you can allocate 15-20%.

We are waiting for cometarians from the team

Yes, sorry for the delay. We’re still discussing this internally and reaching out to our partners at Elrond.


I am also interested in this application. ELROND is developing quite well in the market. ELROND have introduced a lot of new things. I think the HOPR team will talk to the ELROND team and give us an answer.