More xDAI-Hopr to Honeyswap

Hello! My suggestion is to add more liquidity to Honeyswap. I believe that this will be correct and rational because there is support for the xdai network. And this is necessary for people who want to buy or exchange hopr with a small volume. On the same Uniswap, this cannot be done, since it makes no sense to buy a token in small volumes due to the fact that the price for a transaction and confirmation can be much higher than the purchase price … I believe that after considering my proposal, our community will be able to grow much more, since each user become a particle of one whole. Thank you.


yes honey swap is good as uniswap and good thing is that honey swap is low fees compare to orhers thaks to honey swap team

I agree that Honeyswap should definitely be in the final mix.


  • HOPR is running on xDAI right now
  • HOPR-pools already exist and are being used
  • OmniBridge to get funds from/to xDai is battle tested

I’m just not sure about the amount which should be transferred to xDai/Honeyswap. You have a percentage in mind?

It’s hard to tell. I think that the percentage will depend on the number of exchanges selected as a result. Objectively, honeyswap is not the most popular exchange among such as Uniswap, 1inch etc, but it seems to me that it cannot be ignored in any way. Say, 20-25 percent of this volume is quite good. If someone from the community has ideas for a different percentage, then I’m ready for other suggestions)


This is Luigy from 1hive and active community member of the xDAI Chain.
I would love to see hopr listed again on honeyswap.

Currently it’s the most integrated and most used exchange on xDAI and we really want to be a beacon of support for the native tokens and projects in the chain.

Honeyswap will also launch Liquidity farming in a few days so if the lack of liquidity is a concern, let it be known we are working on solutions to make it a lot better.

If hopr added a significant amount of liquidity i think it would be doable to include an hopr pair within the incentivised ones.

If this sparks any interest would be nice to chat on discord or do a voice call so that 1hive and hopr can work together for the future.


Yes! Please make this happen

Hey there Hopr community my name is D0SH I’m also a community member of 1Hive and help out in the marketing side of things. It would be awesome to have a collaboration between the 2 DAOs especially if you are deciding to move to a Layer 2 solution. Feel free to reach out to me on Discord D0$H#6257 in the 1hive server or in DM.

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HoneySwap is still a raw product. Uniswap is far superior to Honeyswap! However, I am also in favor of hopr being present on xDai.
Multichain presented ;)

Yes essentially the current version is the original clone of Uniswap v2 with 0.0001 cent fees. We have plans to launch our new version within the upcoming weeks :shushing_face:

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Definately Honeyswap is important at this moment and the moment HOPR came to a staking point.
But IMO should be not over 10%.

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Great news

Really think we have to move some part of liquidity to the honeyswap.

But honestly, as for now, I do not think we should move a lot of liquidity there. Honeyswap has only 12 mln of the total liquidity (as of 1st of May) and as this amount is not that big comparing to other DEXes, it did not attract a lot of hackers’ attention and may be sell secured.

Many newbies have not heard of XDai Chain. It will be difficult for them to figure it out.

But they have to figure it out anyways if they want to participate in the network which is the best case scenario in my opinion. Even if they just want to have the tokens as investment they would benefit from lower fees.