Move letters in alphabet or in position?

Hi, in the riddle where it says for example “Move every letter in the message forward three”. Does it mean to change the letters to 3 steps forward in alphabet (e.g A changes to D) or to move it three steps forward in the message(find alice) position (indf… or wait a minute… if every letter moves forward by 3, does it mean the message will be the same… So it is about the alphabet right?:)))


I suppose it is in the message because the instruction say exactly about the message :slight_smile:

P.S. unfortunately I didn’t get the right answer :smiley:

I’m trying also get the right answer but no success… I checked the leap years, also what happened in September 1752, skipping the instructions on those ones…
I would love to know how to get the answer FUNDANODE (> <)

I would really like to get the right answer as well because I cannot get it done in any way…

What role does the last square with colored tiles play in the puzzle?

Hi everyone! Just a quick note to say that the correct solution to each week’s puzzle(s) will be published two weeks after they first go live (assuming they’ve been solved). So there’ll be an explanation for why FUNDANODE is the answer tomorrow :)