Multi Faceted Private and Open Choice dAPP (PROPOSAL)

The idea is that due to incoming regulation in the Crypto space and in real life with anti-money laundering and KYC regulation, and whatever transpires in the future, HOPR could provide a platform where the user can chose to either carry out a function privately, or where KYC, etc are required could allow their identity to be known for a specific transaction.

Currently an example is EasyJet’s website, where you cannot access the site if they cannot track you, so using something like TOR stops the site from working.

If HOPR was able to provide the minimum information to allow access to these types of sites without exposing your full credentials then you could tick a box and gain access to fulfil your task.

The default would be full privacy, but if you had difficulties accessing the site, you could unlock the minimum information required to be able to use the service, thereby having a two prong approach which I don’t believe is available yet on any other browser. This could help with meeting some of the legal compliance requirements as well, thereby protecting HOPR from being seen as a tool used for criminal activities.

HOPR could provide a bolt on Browser extension that provided this added functionality to protect a users data from being exposed.

I’m an Electrical engineer by trade so understand engineering and are trying to learn the software side of the industry but with mixed success, but hope this proposal makes sense and is practical to implement.

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Thanks for the proposal @Ian. I’ve tagged it as incomplete for now. I don’t quite understand the implementation side. Is this an entire browser powered by HOPR, or something like a HOPR browser extension?

A browser extension would be easier to implement than trying to get people to use a new browser (not really talking about the existing community)

Hi, I have added a clarification regarding adding a browser extension as this seems the easiest way to provide this type of protection.