NFT - after the staking program

I would like to offer a fairly simple, but it seems to me quite effective and necessary idea!
As we know, for various activities (testing, puzzles, DAO, etc.), we receive NFTs that increase the interest rate of tokens in staking.
I propose to increase the value of these NFTs by simple rules:

  1. each NFT has a corresponding value in Hopr tokens;
  2. NFT acquires the value in Hopr tokens after it has been redeemed to an account that contains at least 10,000 Hopr.
  3. after the end of the stacking program, the specified NFTs can be exchanged for Hopr tokens at any time.
    It seems to me that this will add the cost of NFT, and also NFT will have value even after the end of the staking program.
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Hi ms_go. Thanks for your suggestion! I’ve moved this out of the HOPR DAO forum because it doesn’t really relate to the HOPR protocol.

I’ll respond more fully later today, once I’ve finished moderating the DAO

Whilst I love the idea of some free money, i’m not sure this is the best use of funds if we are trying to expand the community past the early investors/node runners more into the general public