NFTs for staking


I have been messing around and staking my xHOPR and I was just wondering how the staking NFTs will be distributed (or if they have already). Do we need to do anything to receive claim them, I know that we need to “stake” them when/if we receive them.


As far as I understood from the guide, the NFT will be credited to the wallet on the same address used for HOPR. Then if you go to the staking page there is already a button allowing you to “spend” that NFT. Hope this helps!

I think we will be able to claim the NFTs from the staking widget as they get rolled out. I hope the APY will be atomically calculated when NFTs are claimed. I am not good at math :neutral_face:

On the staking portal, when you connect your wallet the NFT should appear below the staking quantity option, it took a moment for mine to pop up though. I then executed the NFT lock option.

Thank you, I just saw it just then. I guess I was a little bit early to the party! I had looked into it on the first or second day of the staking going live.

Thanks, I saw it today… I was a bit early to the staking portal and they hadn’t appeared yet!

Thanks! I just locked mine in… I only saw them today, on the first day or two of the staking going live, I had not seen them and was just wondering if we needed to do something to “claim” them.