Our SUNHOPR - we develop together

I welcome everyone!
I am a member of the hopr testnet.
You guys are great, you have come a long way and we congratulate you on this! We, as participants, also congratulate ourselves that we were able to walk this path together with you. And we did it!
But the pace of development was slowing down and everyone began to forget that the path was just beginning and the road was still long!
Let me explain why …!?

  1. At the moment, we are only preparing the base before pouring the foundation - and this is one of the most important tasks. As we prepare our foundation, this is how the offspring hopr will continue to work, serve, serve.
  2. The team needs to activate and start working on all the obstacles that can affect the network. The main thing for a customer / large investor is the understanding that the team is working, the product is developing.
  3. I recommend that you provide some of the funds “which you can allocate for yourself”, even if you can, so that you can place advertising and news background - so that the project hopr is heard and people see in their eyes the “yellow sun” that speaks of good and bright the future.
  4. I recommend that the team hire a specialist who will post weekly information on forums, social networks, blogs - about the work done in a week - this is very important and useful information.
  5. I recommend focusing on attracting new people, new users, making a staking program, so that people want to buy hop and get% from it. This is a very good step that many are waiting for.
  6. I recommend that the Hopr team not go out on new DEX, while considering these issues in general - this will itself come in the future, when we already have a strong, solid foundation. Leave, recommend and pour liquidity on Uniswap yourself.Uniswap is now one of the most efficient and popular destinations for any currency.
  7. I recommend the team to consider the possibility for people who are from the very beginning with hopr - in the gift of a hop device.
    We support the project, we want to develop together with it, this is your guarantee.
    Thank you all, I hope the information will be useful!

I support - the test network ended at the beginning of the year - but the product still needs to be improved. Advertising is also needed. It might make sense to launch an signature campaign on well-known crypto forums such as bitcointalk, cryptotalk and altcoinstalks with token rewards to participants


BUIDL + think about regional ambassadors for crypto countries.


Would you like to advertise and create a news background for a product that is not ready? Why? To just raise the price of a token?

No, for people to start getting acquainted with the project.

Hi! Thanks for this thread. I’ve moved this out of the DAO forum and into the more general Governance section because it wasn’t on-topic for the DAO vote, but I’d love for this conversation to continue here.

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Thank you! People are interested! Let everyone have their own opinion.

Need more developing and git commit!

Why should you advertise only the finished product? I believe there are already enough moments in HOPR have that should be shared with everyone. Also, raising interest around the project can increase the community - and we still want to make a truly decentralized community


Well done friend! Great thoughts!


Thank you for your suggestions, here are my thoughts regarding them.
I think that hiring a member of the team that would be dedicated to PR is a good idea.
But I would wait with the the increased marketing until there is a working live network and the ability to stake HOPR and earn HOPR from holding nodes. I believe we still have to wait a month or two for that. I don’t see much purpose in attracting more people until that is achieved.
I would be ok with keeping the liquidity only on Uniswap but I believe that more liquidity should be provided to Honeyswap because currently the nertwork is working on xDAI.

Thank you for your offer!
Above was the answer why we believe that we need to act here and now…

Also, raising interest around the project can increase the community - and we still want to make a truly decentralized community.
I think so too)