Phase 3: The Vote: UPDATE

UPDATE: Apologies everyone. There was a typo in the choice options and one proposal got missed out. Unfortunately there’s no way to edit, so I had to cancel the vote and restart. If you already voted, please vote again in the new proposal here: Snapshot

The deadline has been extended by two hours to compensate.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Referendum phase. 13 proposals gathered the 15 signatures needed to advance to the vote.

The vote will happen on our Snapshot page, and will run for 48hrs, from 4pm CET on March 17th to 4pm CET on March 19th. [Updated due to error]

Almost all HOPR token holders on both Ethereum and Gnosis Chain are eligible to vote, and tokens locked in the HOPR staking program are accounted for.

Unfortunately, the following tokens were not able to be included into the Snapshot:

  • Tokens in liquidity pools, such as Swapr or Uniswap
  • Tokens on centralized exchanges

The Shapshot for the vote was taken at block 21154755.

Like last time, the vote will employ quadratic and weighted voting. Head here for a fuller explanation of these.

There is no cost to vote, simply connect the wallet associated with you HOPR tokens, make your choice and then sign the transaction.

The HOPR Team, HOPR Treasury and the HOPR DAO wallets will not vote.

This vote is purely indicative: the winning ideas will not necessarily be developed.