Platform to express political opinion under protection of anonyminity

There are places in this world where expressing your political opinions is dangerous. Sharing political opinions is important in a healthy society, it can help to curb propaganda, help people realize they are not the only ones with these thoughts. It helps people feel more powerful in standing for what they believe in. It would be nice to have a platform where people could post there ideas without the fear of being punished.

I think this is a nice motivation for the social network proposals that I see in some other proposals.

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Thats a great idea, and very true in a growing number of countries (sadly) free speech is massively important and the HOPR protection of privacy would be a great tool. You get my support on this one.

@Lumenous also you might want to have a look at Subsocial :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve marked this as incomplete. There are other proposals along similar lines which have more implementation details. I’d suggest looking at those and fleshing out your proposal, or perhaps contacting the authors to discuss collaboration.