Pocket Network

We should integrate with pocket network (if we are not already) to increase decentralisation and guaranteed RPC uptime

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Are you suggesting to (1) have HOPR endpoints being available through the Pocket network or (2) that HOPR nodes use Pocket network Gnosis Chain endpoints for on-chain RPC calls?

Re (2), that has been done before and is being monitored in terms of feasibility.
Re (1), that means users would have to be fine with using a HOPR endpoint they don’t own and the privacy implications. Apart from that, the economic incentives are interesting. A HOPR node provider on the Pocket network could earn by selling RPC calls as well as act as relayer in the network. However, this doesn’t seem to fit the scope of this DAO round.

I was thinking (2) - Glad to hear it is already a thing

Thanks for the proposal. I’ve marked it as invalid for the slightly counterintuitive reason that’s it’s a great idea that already exists :slight_smile: