Process Parameter Proposals Related to On-Chain Proposals

To limit thread numbers, proposals are being grouped by proposal type. To understand more about proposal types and the described parameters, read more here.

In summary, the HOPR Association proposes that the following parameters apply to on-chain proposals (any proposal which is fully on-chain and described in code):

Proposal Creation 500,000 HOPR tokens
Bond Amount 100,000 HOPR tokens
Minimum Discussion Time 1 week
Support to Proceed to Referendum 20% of active participants
Support to Proceed to Vote 30% of active participants
Vote Length 72 hrs
Quorum to Pass Vote 10m HOPR tokens
Support to Pass Vote 50% of allocated token vote power

same question: did you consider how fluctuations and volatility in HOPR token value could impact the effectiveness of these parameters ?


I support this offer, but I have one question - are Team tokens can be used for vote?

The only concern I have is discussion and vote times durations. Shouldn’t they be a bit longer? Not everyone has the ability or time to check in consistently. I’m just worried that maybe a great proposal gets announced, but there wasnt enough time to really get the word out, market it correctly and allow enough time for individuals who want to participate the opportunity to do so.

The time seems a little short. It should be at least 15 days.

There is always the option to call for weekly extensions, up to the full three weeks. This might still seem too short though.

The intent is to balance the security advantages of long discussion times with the fact that some decisions will be relatively straightforward and it’s inefficient to arbitrarily hold them back for extra weeks.

But this is the kind of thing we need the community to decide: if everyone is happy with a longer discussion period we would certainly implement that.


I agree with the others as a week isnt very long and if missed would potentially either let a group be able to get a proposal through, or alternatively very little discussion due to the lack of time which has been a theme through a number of the recent DAO’s

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Totally Agree

Agree with the two weeks. A vacation by someone and they could miss the proposal/vote. I would imagine that adding 7 more days wouldn’t have a huge impact. Could always do something where if there is an early over 50% of vote versus total number of tokens, then could implement immediately? Just an idea.

The proposal has been created here:

The suggested parameters are the same as in the original post, with the exception of a two-week minimum discussion period, as there seems to be consensus around this.

Why is Bond priced at $HOPR? What if 100k HOPR costs 2$ or 10kkk$?

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In general I wouldn’t want to introduce too many other currencies / tokens into the processes. But I can certainly see an argument for pegging it to ETH / USDT