PROPOSAL 1: Creation of a war chest

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I suggest using the accumulated DAI to create a war chest for the HOPR association. This fund would only be used if there is an absolute need for it. In the meantime, and in order to put the DAI to work, I suggest depositing them on the Aave platform where there currently is an APY of approx. 5% for depositing DAI. I also suggest putting the DAI on a multi-signature wallet controlled by core team members if they aren’t already.

The HOPR association war chest funds would only be used under emergency conditions. With regards to what would constitute an emergency, this could be up to the HOPR team to decide or could be a subject for another DAO voting sometime in the future. While HOPR has a treasury in the form of $HOPR already, it might be useful to have some stablecoin reserve on the side for a rainy day.