Proposal #10: MetaMask HOPR Snap

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Hi there! Some of you might be familiar with MetaMask Flask metamask[dot]io/flask/, a program by the MetaMask team to allow third-party developers (:eyes:) to create “Snaps”, the equivalent of a “Plugin” for the MetaMask ecosystem.

The proposal is simple: create a HOPR Snap for MetaMask which provides an “Enable HOPR network” mode, a simple toggle UI that when activated redirects all RPC calls done by MetaMask (e.g. their default Infura) to go through the HOPR network, similar to how DERP (derp[dot]hoprnet[dot]org/) works.

To make this “Enable HOPR network” work, we need to have a testnet up and running, but in the meantime, a simple centralized endpoint could work, similar to how PoktNetwork offsets their calls to the pool of nodes.

Let’s bring Incognito Mode™ to MetaMask!

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