Proposal #11: VPN Replacement

[This proposal comes from @Emmerson_Biggins. To support this proposal, sign it by clicking the like (heart) button beneath this post.]

Let’s create a HOPR version of a VPN to allow for better privacy protection. I would envision a yearly or monthly subscription to this service to allow for recurring revenue similar to a VPN service…maybe even payable in HOPR tokens :)

Desktop and Mobile versions should be available.

Implementation of this proposal could involve partnerships or grants with like-minded projects wanting to build this functionality on top of the HOPR protocol. Mysterium/Sentinel were suggested as possible partner(s) for this project but we should be open best fit, grants, quality, costs, etc.

This would likely be a pay for use service or be paid for by running a node, however, there is potential that the dApp partner could be required to collect fees from their users, then pass a portion of those fees onto node runners. This could potentially be done by having he dApp partner inject additional payment tickets into the HOPR protocol to be randomly distributed to payment lottery ticket winners.

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