PROPOSAL #13: Ethereum-40%,bsс-30%,matic-20%,xdai-10%

[This proposal is from @Aleks. Unfortunately I mistagged it when I was reorganising the proposals, so it’s be re-added slightly late and the signature count has reset as a result. You can discuss the proposal here. If you’d like to support this proposal, sign it by using the like (heart) function.]

  1. uni v3 - 40% The most popular exchanger. It is necessary to transfer liquidity to v.3 (fee tier: 0.30%, price range: unlimited). Many advantages over v.2
  2. pancake v2 - 30% There are also a lot of users. Fast and cheap translations. Access to a lot of defi tools
  3. quickswap - 20% The same as the above. Not so large trading volumes so the percentage of liquidity is lower
  4. honeyswap - 10% A good exchanger is more necessary technically to maintain output input and start hopr nodes.

I think that so many supported networks and exchangers are more than enough. At the same time, each will be supported with sufficient liquidity for the initial placement. of course, all trading pairs are hopr/dai. I think this is understandable.