Proposal #16: Implement HOPR Metrics

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I think would be useful to build a hopr equivalent of .

Having metrics on the health of any system is critical. In hopr’s case it gives:

  • Everyone a chance to verify the security guarantees of the system and what errors are happening
  • Developers crucial insights into the performance of the system to see if the hopr network would work for their application or if the network is having issues that affect their applications
  • Researchers a chance to diver deeper into the hopr network to help give insights into the network
  • Everyone see the adoption of hopr and highlight the number of people concerned with privacy on the internet

I’m not very familiar with the architecture of hopr so I’m not sure the best way to build this. Of course this would have to respect the privacy of everyone on the metric and no possibility of revealing any sensitive information. TOR metrics has information about how their data is collected About – Tor Metrics. If hopr already has some sensitive data it would be interesting to have a way to view it.

Additional extensions:

  • DAO voting / vetoing of what is considered sensitive data
  • hopr oracle putting this data on-chain to allow other smart contracts to view

This proposal can be seen as an extension to
Proposal: Implement performance check tool.

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