PROPOSAL 2: Hackathons (live or online) in 2022

Thank you, and actually this would be the best, to allocate HOPR as well as DAI for the compensation of the occurring costs.

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Agreed. I tried to incorporate this in my proposal. Also, I tried to cater for both early-adopters as well as inviting new folks into the realm :slight_smile:. Thanks.

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That is a great idea. We need other companies, teams, and devs to start working on the Hoper network, using it’s strong sides of privacy and decentralization. There is no point of creating a solution to problem if ppl that do have that problem don’t know that there is a solution out there :slight_smile:

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Having one concrete proof of concept is an important pre-cursor to attending events, since we have nothing to ‘show’. Talking alone about what is ‘will’ be able to do is not as impactful as showing someone. Remember Chinese proverb: Tell me and I forget, teach me I may remember, involve me and I understand… Hackathons are a great idea… dont know one better over the other…

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Hackathon would be a great way to showcase a use case for hopr. At the moment, I’m not aware of an dapp that uses it?

Dear @bengy this is what we are working on - but this is a massive piece of work. Not only the reliability needs to be amazing, also the instructions how to use and build, to entice Developers to build their ideas & dApps on top of HOPR, need to be better than others. Usability is key. And when this is done, we need Hackathons, to onboard thousands of developers - and show the world what HOPR is able to deliver. Therefore the Proposal from our side.


Good idea :+1:

Oh, I know it is a massive thing that you guys are working on! My comment wasn’t meant as a slight on the core team, more a reflection on me not keeping up with exactly where hopr is!

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I know
Didn’t perceive your comment negative at all :blush:


This is reasonably in-line with my DAI proposal. ( Essentially, what ever method can be most effective in getting developers on-board with creating truly outstanding applications on top of HOPR is critical. One must-have application on HOPR and it is straight to the moon. Could this proposal be updated to represent grant proposals as well as hackathons?

Dapp running on HOPR. That’s what I would love to see in near future. So, I definitely support this proposal.

Could you please give me some indication of the expenses needed for hackatons and other events with developers?

Not sure about the level of depth of prize or compensation on this proposal but it is in line with other events. My recommendation with this proposal is to have a sizeable prize pot to get participation from competitive entities and have a contingent prize tied to it for rolling the project out to a finished and polished state. Such as an initial award of 20K HOPR and 20K DAI then whatever project wins and provides lifecycle support with refinement gets another 20K+ HOPR and 20K+ DAI.

Dear @PrzemoL
There are costs wich are similar for Live & Online Hackathons like you need Tokens (and sometimes also cash) as rewards - but the hidden costs are, if you want to do it right, split in 3 parts:

1 … BEFORE = preparing
select the hackathon, talk to the organisers, deal with the planning, prepare texts & graphics for the event, so the entire setup that most developers will be attracted by the project

2 … DURING = caring
especially the IT department needs to deploy internal devs to care for the hackathon participants, if done well, a lot of people are needed

3 … AFTER = recap
gather feedback from all involved parties (event team, Hackers, internal, partners) in order to know what went well, and what could be improved for the next sessions

all this does not only involve internal resources, but also FIAT
Live events need to pay the location, F&B, etc plus a sponsoring fee for the event team itself (which starts at 10’000 for a small presence, no extra included, for live as well als online events).
At live events, you also need to be present, which adds flights & hotel costs for a team of 3-5 people. (stretching out, at live events: networking is by far better, and a personal connections with the hackers is awesome for projects like us)
Hope this gives a quick overview, if not let me know


Yeah, i think it is better than other proposal. Please vote it for HOPR future. Thanks.


Das is gut Ideal

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Thank you @rikzrh for so detailed explanation!
There are 160k DAI to spend and it seems to be enough to organize a hackaton (at least one:). And from the developer’s perspective, how many events shall HOPR arrange to ensure consistent development of the project?

Dear @PrzemoL sure no problem
Guess 1 Hackathon costs (in DAI) around 30’000

(pls note - this time we will only vote on the HOPR Token part, the DAI will be voted later on.)

OK,thanks,copy that!