PROPOSAL 2: Hackathons (live or online) in 2022

With each release the HOPR protocol becomes more stable and private. We’re now at the point where we want to start building applications on top of HOPR, to showcase how the HOPR protocol can support all kinds of private applications.

We’re developing some things internally (watch this space!) but a standard approach for projects at HOPR’s level of maturity is to attend hackathons and let other developers showcase their creativity.

This proposal would use HOPR tokens to fund prizes at various upcoming hackathons, such as Colorado Jam, various Hackathons by Gitcoin, Hack Zurich or similar (depending on budget and availability).

IMPORTANT: This proposal is only for using HOPR tokens to provide incentives or prizes. It is NOT a proposal to liquidate HOPR tokens to pay for event attendance or sponsorship. The HOPR Association would encourage such a proposal for the DAI portion of the budget.


Agreed. I think both HOPR and DAI can be used for that.


it seems to me that we need to attract more community and increase the visibility of the project, and a hackathon is not the best way to do this

It is very important to have an incentive fund for teams that want to develop applications on Hopr. I support this idea.


showcasing some apps built on HOPR would be AMAZING.


What if your strength isn’t being a developer, how do loyal community members gain the benefits as well, although i fully understand the need for innovation and brain storming which is what i understand these events bring to the team.

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I support the idea but would do it with the DAI money. I like the idea of Gitcoin

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I totally agree

Thank you, and actually this would be the best, to allocate HOPR as well as DAI for the compensation of the occurring costs.

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Agreed. I tried to incorporate this in my proposal. Also, I tried to cater for both early-adopters as well as inviting new folks into the realm :slight_smile:. Thanks.

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That is a great idea. We need other companies, teams, and devs to start working on the Hoper network, using it’s strong sides of privacy and decentralization. There is no point of creating a solution to problem if ppl that do have that problem don’t know that there is a solution out there :slight_smile:

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Having one concrete proof of concept is an important pre-cursor to attending events, since we have nothing to ‘show’. Talking alone about what is ‘will’ be able to do is not as impactful as showing someone. Remember Chinese proverb: Tell me and I forget, teach me I may remember, involve me and I understand… Hackathons are a great idea… dont know one better over the other…

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Hackathon would be a great way to showcase a use case for hopr. At the moment, I’m not aware of an dapp that uses it?

Dear @bengy this is what we are working on - but this is a massive piece of work. Not only the reliability needs to be amazing, also the instructions how to use and build, to entice Developers to build their ideas & dApps on top of HOPR, need to be better than others. Usability is key. And when this is done, we need Hackathons, to onboard thousands of developers - and show the world what HOPR is able to deliver. Therefore the Proposal from our side.


Good idea :+1:

Oh, I know it is a massive thing that you guys are working on! My comment wasn’t meant as a slight on the core team, more a reflection on me not keeping up with exactly where hopr is!

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I know
Didn’t perceive your comment negative at all :blush:


This is reasonably in-line with my DAI proposal. ( Essentially, what ever method can be most effective in getting developers on-board with creating truly outstanding applications on top of HOPR is critical. One must-have application on HOPR and it is straight to the moon. Could this proposal be updated to represent grant proposals as well as hackathons?

Dapp running on HOPR. That’s what I would love to see in near future. So, I definitely support this proposal.