PROPOSAL 2: Incentivized creativity contest after HOPR mainnet network launch (building on top of HOPR)

[This proposal is from @Jones_05. You can see and discuss the original proposal here: DAI PROPOSAL: Incentivized creativity contest after HOPR mainnet network launch (building on top of HOPR)

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Incentivized creativity contest after HOPR mainnet network launch


  • after the mainnet network launch, people are invited to build whatever they want on HOPR → analytics, applications, proofs of principle etc
  • after an a priori defined period x, a submission window of e.g. one week opens (given the prizes outlined below, I guess x to be at least 6-8 weeks)
    → the period x is defined by the HOPR team
  • people submit (a) their results, so WHAT they have done, as well as (b) a documentation of HOW they have done it (public GitHub repositories etc)
  • the HOPR team preselects an amount of X submissions
    → important in the context of quality AND legality
    → obviously, there needs to be an initial filter concerning both aspects
  • DAO votes on the winners, e.g. top 5 are rewarded (balanced or weighted, I would prefer weighted)
  • NOTE : such a thematically unbound event requires a set of to be fulfilled conditions/rules concerning quality and legality communicated a priori by the HOPR team to make a possible submission eligible to be rewarded!

+++ BENEFITS +++

  • unbiased feedback loops for the HOPR team from multiple high profile individuals/groups
  • start of the creation of an ecosystem around HOPR
  • top-notch submissions provide organic marketing for HOPR
  • HOPR community growth

+++ BUDGET +++

  • obviously spitballing in the current stage, since it depends on multiple aspects of the DAO as a whole, the IF and HOW of a multi-stage hackathon etc
  • prizes for a post Hackathon creativity contest with the motto AMAZE US around HOPR could be organized as follows:
  • total sum of prizes: Y
    → the exact amount is defined by the HOPR team and needs to be harmonized with other proposals being part of DAO v.0.2
  • for example: Y = 62.5k DAI
  • 1st: 25k
  • 2nd: 15K
  • 3rd: 10K
  • 4th: 7.5K
  • 5th: 5K
  • five prizes are also just an example, a top 3 also seems feasible (also specified by the HOPR team )