Proposal #2: IoT home security cameras

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More safeguards should be put in place to protect personal information when using IoT home security cameras/systems and home automation devices.[“Ring” (Amazon) and “Nest” (Google)] Can these companies be trusted with your personal information? The powers that be can simply require these companies to hand over camera footage of anyone anywhere. These products could bring legitimate value to the consumer and should help people feel more secure but given the high potential for misuse, they do not.

There is a wide variety of security devices on the market with similar use-cases.(motion sensors, doorbells, floodlights, cameras, etc.(you can even unlock your front door with your phone from 1000 miles away) There is enormous popularity with these devices but I am afraid people simply do not understand the privacy implications. Like everything HOPR related, public enlightenment and education are possibly the biggest hurdles.

Implementation of this proposal would be through partners and grants so HOPR could provide the privacy and metadata privacy for such devices.

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